The CND™ SolarOil™ Nail Pen

Our exclusive beauty tip in stick form

for on the go
is the perfect beauty helper

we at the Kicura nail studio know the challenges your nails face in everyday life. They are constantly exposed to environmental influences and are stressed by contact with cleaning agents or the like. But now there is a solution that can make your nails healthier and more resistant in no time: CND™ SolarOil™.

This award-winning care product, the CND SolarOil Nail Pen, contains a unique formula that repairs, hydrates and strengthens your nails. It is especially recommended for nails that split in layers, break quickly or discolour. SolarOil™ deeply regenerates and provides strong nails that can withstand the challenges of everyday life.

Our exclusive CND SolarOil Nail Pen, on-the-go stick is the perfect beauty aid for every woman.

With its sophisticated design and easy-to-use twist mechanism, it’s child’s play to apply and dispense. SolarOil™ contains valuable ingredients such as moisturising jojoba oil, nourishing rice germ oil, almond oil and vitamin E, which keep your nails and cuticles extremely flexible and supple.

With SolarOil™ in your handbag, you have the option of caring for your nails anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re travelling or in the office, SolarOil™ is always there for you. Use it morning and night for best results. Best of all, SolarOil™ even penetrates SHELLAC®, SHELLAC LUXE™, VINYLUX™ and Creative Play™.

Give your nails the care they deserve and experience the feeling of healthy, strong and beautiful nails. CND™ SolarOil™ makes it possible. Try it out and see for yourself!

We hope we have been able to inform you about the CND™ SolarOil™.

We are honest – of course we are also advertising on our own behalf, because we stand behind this great product and you can now also purchase the pen, which is practical for your handbag, in our studio. Feel free to ask us about it.

Your Kicura Team